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    T760 network transport vibrometer

    • Model:T760/Zhongheng
    • Application Features:Utilize GPS and 3G mobile communication technology to achieve remote real-time monitoring, platform software can remotely control the instrument to achieve wireless telemetry. Through the monitoring platform to achieve real-time view of location maps, vibration impact data, download data files.
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    T760 wireless transport vibrometer utilize GPS and 3G mobile communication technology to achieve remote real-time monitoring.

    1. Product description
    2. Instrument composition
    3. Echnical parameters


     T760 wireless transport vibrometer utilize GPS and 3G mobile 

    communication technology to achieve remote realtime monitoring. 

    Instrument collect three axis vibration and location information and 

    feedback to the monitoringcenter, while the platform software can 

    remote control the instrument to achieve wireless telemetry. Through 

    the monitoring platform to achieve real-time view of location maps,

    vibration impact data and download data files.


        Optimize the packaging design        find the event cause and effect           optimize the transport program            provide delivery certificate              provide claims basis


    The fourth generation of domestic vibrometer

    Adhering to the first three generations of good quality and reputation, the new network vibration meter

    Remote view processing data (time, triaxial g value, map), control instrument


    Built-in 3G, GPS module

    Built-in high-quality communication module, lower power consumption, faster and more stable transmission

    内Built-in high-precision GPS module, the signal is stronger, positioning accuracy up to 1 meter

    The map shows the GPS position, built-in power supply can be viewed



    The system is mainly composed of T760 Shock data logger, dedicated cloud platform and user terminal software. Prior to transport test,

     fix the machine and switch it on,the acquisition can be started by touching button on the machine and setting parameter in the user terminal software. 

    During the transportation process, the system will automatically record and store the entire dynamic waveform data and real-time control the instrument 

    through the platform software to view the impact data, map location, download data, analysis and make report.



    Sensor type: three-axis acceleration

    Measuring range: ± 16g

    Resolution: 0.01g

    Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1g

    data record

    Record interval: continuous recording, sampling interval multi-file preset

    Event record: 0-16g preset

    Data format: X, Y, Z triaxial peak and the corresponding time

    Storage capacity: 8GB

    Interface: 3G, GPS, SIM, SD, USB, power supply

    Status indication: network status, recording status, battery margin

    Wireless GPS

    Module type: built-in 3G, GPS 

    On-line period: adjustable

    3G transmission speed: 115200K / s

    GPS accuracy: 1 meter

    Wireless platform

    Instrument list management Remote parameter configuration

    Record start and stop remote control data list management download

    GPS coordinates display GPS map display (corresponding time)

    Map Zoom Record Status Displays the power display

    The statistical analysis report the output of the report

    Analyzing Software

    Based on WINDOWS wireless monitoring and control software platform

    Support remote data download, GPS map display

    Remote control, instrument management, data analysis, report output


    Power supply: can be recycled rechargeable battery, battery life more than 20 days

    Shell material: waterproof aluminum alloy shell

    Working temperature: -35 ~ 60 ℃

    Size: 140 × 109 × 51mm

    Weight: 750g (with battery)

    Installation size: M4 screw / adhesive

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