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Chengdu Chengbo Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

Pioneer of Chinese brand transport vibrometer

Chengdu Chengbo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ChengBo Technology) was founded in 2005, is an integrated transport vibrometer company consists of research, development, production, sales and after-sales service. Chengbo Technology has ten years of product research and development experience, and has formed perfect transport vibration monitoring solutions in multi-field, multi-scale, multi-application, such as for transformer, high voltage switch, special defense equipment, general electrical equipment, vehicle transportation equipment , new energy equipment, electronics, medical equipment, electrical appliances, B2C logistics and other industries, etc, meanwhile, Chengbo technologyis leading the way in domestic sales, technology,reputation.

ChengBo technology since its inception, always put the product innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprises.

 In 2008 a successful research and development of the design of the T160 transport vibrometer come out, in 2010 T360 

transport vibrometer was successfully launched, which is the predecessor of current mainstream product T560 transport

 vibrometer; in January 2013, by integrating of resources,  the well widely concerned product T560 was grand launched, 

 and get popular among industry giants including the new Northeast Electric, PingGao Electric, ABB, China Shipbuilding 

Heavy Corporation, Hunan Electric Group in short time, and the product raise the bar for the industry; in April 2015, the 

long for product T760 that based upon cloud platform and large data was successful developed, the competitive, rich and 

diverse product line improved the brand to a brandnew level.

Once upon a time, in the industry of vibrometer, there was no outstanding Chinese brand, Shock101, Shockwatch,

 g-log and other such foreign brands was designated for transformer, high voltage switch and other large logistics or 

transport industry. As more and more Chinese product was known and accepted by the world, ChengBo dedicate himself

 to developing Chinese brand vibrometer to rival foreign ones with Chinese “Can do” faith.  Over the past decade, ChengBo

 people work hard with this faith, persistent diligence , continuous innovation for from demand research, product design,

 production technology, after-sales system, image recognition, brand building ,etc., and broaden the horizon all over the

 international , Conform to the Internet of things, cloud platform, the trend of large data, and strive to promote product

 innovation and brand standardization to play an important role as the international pioneers and practitioners.

ChengBo who work conscientiously, has always been focused on independent intellectual property rights and suitable for China's relevant transport standards for the transport of vibrometer. Chengbo has prevailed against Shockwatch (UK), Shock101 (USA), Impact-O-Graph (US ), G-log, YSD-300, RG1600 such foreign brands and generic brands with innovative products, cost-effective and convenient after-sales support in China’s vibrometer market.

Manufacturer's quality

Honorary certificate

Chengbo technology who focuses on vibration, impact testing equipment,  has a professional transport vibration shock signal simulation laboratory in addition to has product complete department including development, mechanical processing, production assembly, product inspection, sales and after-sale service department. Cheng Bo is the only large-scale transport vibration & impact record product manufacturer with mass production capacity in China, meanwhile, we provide OEM services as well .


Chengbo who possesses relevant qualifications for transport vibration and impact equipment according to national and industrial standards, can continuously provide the customers with standard-compliant products.

• Production license for measuring instruments • Type approval certificate • ISO 9001 certification

• CE certification • New patent certificate • Third party authority testing report 


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