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Transformer transport impact applications - ABB (Hefei) transformer company

Transformer transport impact applications - ABB (Hefei) transformer company

· Customer Industry:

Leader of global power and automation technology and ,gets involved in transformers, switches, circuit breakers, cables and auxiliary equipment manufacturing; substation and substation automation systems, discrete automation and motion control, low voltage products and other fields.

· Uint strength

The largest transformer supplier in the world, recently launched the highest voltage level DC transformer so far;

As early as 60 years ago created high-voltage DC technology,participated in more than half of the world’s project construction in such field;

The world’s largest supplier of industrial motors and drives; provides customers around the world more than one million products per day;

Provided the world’s first electricity solutions for offshore drilling platform

· Application background

Monitoring the whole process of transformer shipment for three-dimensional and/or collision, according to the onsite print data and post-analysis report, confirm whether the transformer is subject to excessive impact, provide an objective basis for defining the responsibility and the reasons for the exceeded limit.

Reference standard: Enterprise standard (X, Y, Z triaxial shock: a<3g; band f: 0-100Hz).

· Equipment requirements 

Have a higher reputation at home and abroad, have successfully application cases in a number of large enterprises;

Error is less than 1% of full scale in 1-100Hz band;

Can record the impact events, analysis the time, duration, event characteristics of the excessive impact according to the event waveform;

Equipped with micro printer, support for on-site printing;

Full impact report one key output (TXT / EXCEL);

· 典型数据分析Typical data analysis


In a trip, recorded an excessive impact, the acceleration peak 3.29g (Z axis), as shown in Figure:

By preliminary analysis, the overrun event occurs while the vehicle passing through the deceleration zone and the vehicle failed to decelerate to accepted velocity range. Through further analysis of the overrun event, the impact duration (t) is 4ms, the corresponding impact frequency (f) is 1 / 2t = 125Hz, the impact event is 3.29g@125Hz, meet the test standard.

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